Raft Issues and Disappearance

I had my raft disappear. This is the 2nd major glitch I’ve encountered with rafts.

First one, my 5x3 raft went vertical in the water and I was never able to fix it. I checked and made sure there was nothing weighing it down, pulled it to shore, destroyed some shelves and containers on it to make sure it wasn’t too heavy. Put it back in the water, went vertical again. I was never able to fix it so I had to make a new one.

This time, with my new 3x3 I pulled to shore on an island and saved, as soon as I left my raft I was bitten by a snake. I didn’t have any pipí so to avoid that whole circus act I just went to main menu and reloaded the save. I didn’t check the cartographer. When I loaded, my raft was gone. I tried to reload hoping it would come back and it didnt. I’m sad man!

At least with the first raft glitch I didn’t lose all of my stuff. I was able to pull the crates off and keep what I wanted and just downsize. Now I don’t know what to do. I’m on day 97 been taking my time and enjoying it all. I had a motor and a supply of high quality items including trophies and stockpile of arrows and spears. I had a boat and motor in a fuel. I’ve beaten two bosses now I have to beat Lusca. The island Im on has really scarce resources as I already used this island to build my other raft. I don’t even have a hammer or rocks on this island to make a raft. Just discouraging and really takes away from an awesome game. Time is precious and time invested in redoing what you’ve already done for nothing is just wasted time.

Hi Godschamp125 - welcome to the forums!

I moved your post to it’s own bug report as it is easier for me to track rather than multiple reports in the one thread. I also believed there was a potentially incorrect label in the previous title.

I’m sorry to hear you have been affected by these issues in Stranded Deep and appreciate you taking the time to share the details of your experience. I have a few questions to clarify some things if you don’t mind.


  • Please confirm for me what version of the game you are playing (number in the bottom left hand corner of the main menu) and on which platform?

For the raft that turned vertical…

  • please let me know what materials it was made of and if the side that was face down in the water had anything on it (such as an anchor).
  • Do you recall if anything in particular triggered this to happen in your save such as placing a particular item? or did you load your save to find your raft like this?
  • Please also let me know if this happened recently or in a previous version. There were issues in a previous version with placing items on the raft when the anchor was down and I want to check if this could potentially be related.

I understand how disheartening the issue with losing a raft can be for players. As you posted in another threat first, you may have already seen the link to this post - [Known Issue] Rafts/Gyro Vanishing - where we are gathering information on workarounds and potential triggers from players.

We unfortunately do not have a workaround that can bring rafts back for players. While I understand it’s not always a preferable workaround as it can be time consuming, it is possible to recover materials by creating a custom island and placing it on your map to gather resources.

Again I’m sorry to hear this has happened in your save and any extra information you can provide would be greatly appreciated as I can pass it onto the team members working on this issue and create a detailed report based on your experience with the vertical raft too.