Raft and general suggestion

Hello SD team! Thank you for a great game! I didn’t think that i can be so captivated by a survival game like i am now with SD! Great Game!
I have some suggestions too regarding the Raft:

  1. It’s annoying that you can’t build a canopy over a raft floor where you have a hook and a lantern. Basically you have only one lantern on that whole floor, but you can’t build a canopy for sun protection.
  2. I would like to have the possibility to attach a hook and a lantern to a container shelf on the raft. Or to attach it to something else (maybe on one of the 4 supports of the canopy)
  3. Why is there a level limit when you can build barrel raft base, if there is no difference of floatability or resistance/durability. I understand for the raft floor, but not for the base…
  4. Also it would be great if i could attach a hook to drag a shark or a hog, for example. Although this is not so important, because you can always skin them and take the items with you.

Apart of that, i would like to see some food diversification, the toolbelt as it is proposed on the topic for it by DuckmanDM, AND maybe, the possibility to have a kind of a map that you draw during the game by exploring and going from island to island, knowing that you went south or other direction from a compass. I do it physically with a pencil and paper, because i don’t want to use the cartographer sometimes.

Thank you very much! And keep it up with this great game!