Quivers/arrow bag

Can the development team please work on a quiver. One for over your back.
We can craft cloth and leather so we should be able to craft a bag to make quiver for arrows

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I like this idea. :slightly_smiling_face: Because we are constantly fighting for a free place in the backpack. A quiver worn over the back would free up one place occupied by arrows. Additionally, you could wear something else (maybe a machete).

There are still pockets to use. Pants have them, a shirt and a backpack. For small items such as a compass.:kangaroo: There is a toolbar that does not fulfill its function on the PC, but has four additional slots on the console. However, this is still not enough.

Although there is already a big simplification in the game (who would fit 9, 10 wooden containers in a backpack), you will always need a higher payload.:camel:

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I like the quiver idea!