Quality of Life and Simple Additions


First I would like to thank everyone involved that made this game.

I’m not usually a fan of survival games but this one is an exception.

As for the QoL changes it would make sense to have an increased breath limit as your physicality raises.

Being able to pick up tires and barrels in stacks of 1 each; makes sense considering you can pick up the size of a log and container. Sticks and rocks should wash on shore occasionally as Flotsam and debris.

As for additions it would be nice to see more clay somehow. Some type of way to use a grouping of 9 (a small structure of 3x3 coconuts) to catch rain water.
Since the harpoon gun fires with more force and the ammo cost is higher than a thrown crude spear should it do more damage?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you consider these things.

I forgot to add the ability to dismantle raft pieces despite them being placed next to other pieces. The ability to get your planks back from dismantling the container shelf and the ability to craft some type of storage for the base!

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Rainwater can be collected with water stills. If there’s no leaves at the bottom, wait till it rains, and after it rains for a while you will notice it will be filled completely.