[Ps5/ps4][2071] inventory disappears

After saving and returning to the game everything in my inventory was gone. Tried exiting the game and returning but everything was still gone. Me and a friend had I know also had this issue.

Hi Nathan_Shooter,

Please confirm for me if you were playing on the PS5 or the PS4 and which your friend plays on and also let me know…

  • Did this occur in a Multiplayer save or in a Single player?
  • If it was multiplayer, were you the host or did you join the game? (and the same question for your friend if you know)
  • When loading into the save was the world itself as you left it including any items crafted or resources gathered?
  • Do you recall what items were in your inventory before this issue occured?
  • Did you save using a shelter or a sleeping bag?

Any extra information about what you did before saving may also be useful in this investigation.

Hi Clare so sorry for the late reply, I was playing on the ps5 my friend was on the ps4 this occurs in a multiplayer save. I was the host and my friend joined my game items crafted that was placed down or items that were on the floor were still there but everything in the inventory was gone other then what was already in my hand when saved, I saved with a shelter. Any other questions you have on this issue I am more then happy to answer. Thank you!

Hi Nathan_shooter - thanks for answering those questions for me :slight_smile:

Can you confirm for me if either of you were using tool belts when this occured and what level you had upgraded them to?

Since your original post I have had reports from two other players who experienced similar, one was a host and the other was a joined user. In both cases they were using tool belts that had been upgraded to level 2 and had a refined knife in them. Does this match your gameplay at all?

Hey Clare, when it happens to me I had a level 1 tool belt with a crude axe in it but when it occurred to my friend she did not have a tool belt as yet

Thank you for confirming that for me, I’ll update me report.