Ps5 most recent version Interaction bug trigger

I think I found the trigger for the bug, it seems to be triggered when you get to to a Rocky island, but won’t fully take effect until you leave, I happened to save on The Rocky isle just before the bug hit and I keep interacting until I leave the island at which time it hits immediately.

I had wildlife turned off the whole time so I’m not sure if that’s the real cause or not but hopefully the devs have a better idea and get the fix out soon :sweat_smile:

Hi Loenwholp,

Thank you for sharing this information. I believe what may have happened is that the boars that would have spawned on that issue (they are not included in the wildlife setting as they are passive) may have fallen through the terrain and hit the point when there could trigger the interaction issue. The team are also investigating any objects that may also fall through and cause the same issue - this is why the workaround may not work for some players as it can depend on which trigger caused the issue to occur for you.

If you did lose any items while on that island, please let me know as I’d like to highlight it for the team.

My raft and campfire moved away from the beach close to the mountains, I though they were just gone until night I could see the light from the campfire and saw the sail of the raft sticking out of the ground

Thank you for letting me know this Loenwolph, I shall report this to the team. Did this occur while you were playing or after saving and reloading the game?

Was your raft dragged onto the beach and near the campfire or was it anchored off shore?

It happened after loading the save, the first glitch was after using the raft to go back to the starter island.
It was on the beach near the campfire, their relative location to each other seems the same as before they moved judging from the smoke and part of the sail I can see

Thank you Loenwolph - I’ll include these details in my report for the team. If you notice anything else moving, or anything else amiss on your island in general, please do not hesitate to let me know.