PS5 1.15 (2104) Raft Bug

I’ve removed all attachment to my 6x7 raft; however, I can not destroy any of the base. I get the “I can’t destroy this. It supports other buildings”

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Hi Phooak, welcome to the forums,

This is an issue the team are aware of and are currently working on and testing a fix for with the aim for releasing it in the next update (exact release date to be determined, but the team wish to release it asap).

In the meantime some workarounds that have worked for players in the past is attempting to break the raft part from below (may involve tipping the raft on it’s side) and you may find attacking base parts by only one side will allow them to be broken apart again though understandably this is not ideal and does not help in your current situation.

Thank you for taking the time to report this as even though it’s an issue the team are aware of, it can help to know the number of players affected. If there is anything else you wish to report. Please do not hesitate to do so and I will respond asap.

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