[ps4][v2033]shark volume

I am not sure if i should report this as a bug or suggestion but here is the dilemma;
Under options i recently changed my music volume down to decrease the volume of the actual music for more of an ambient setting, but it also affected the sound made when a shark is deciding to hunt me (shouldn’t the shark sounds be listed under environment?).

My music is all the way down but I still here the bubbles for the sharks. Is that what you talking bout?

Hi Alkewper74,

Is it the warning music for the shark that has turned down for you along with the ambient music? If so, I understand what you mean and will pass this onto the team for them to look into.

I always read and hear ppl saying there’s music for sharks, but I’ve never heard it. The regular music plays, but that’s if there’s a shark or not. Maybe one of the 2 songs are supposed to play when a shark is around, if so, which one?

It’s a low piano riff. Think Jaws.

Oh I thought that’s what it was one day, but when I looked, there was still no shark. So I figured it was just a regular song that played lol. I’m guessing it plays as long as there’s a shark anywhere a near the island, not just by where I’m at?

yeah if you hear the regular “clanging wind chime” type music your safe. When the music stops, pay attention or get back to safety.
When the piano starts to play a shark is very near.
I turn my music down to 20, environment is 100, effects are 40. i can still hear the music when needed but the crashing of waves is nice and loud.

Aah, that makes sense. Being from a place that has ocean and living somewheres that has no ocean, I myself love just watching the water in the game sometimes lol. I don’t realize I’m doing it, but I’ll catch myself just standing facing the ocean and watching the waves

Yes, I think I know what you mean. I also smoke ‘herbal cigarettes’ while playing this game too. lol

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Lol I don’t smoke them anymore, but I can imagine how good the game is with that.
I zone out just randomly in SD just because it’s the beach in my mind and I can just walk around looking at everything and enjoying as they are

Correct thats exactly it and when i turned the ambient back up so did the shark warning sound.

Thank you for clarifying alkewper74, I’ll pass this onto the team.