PS4 v2009 Plane Wrecks

Not sure if its a Bug or just by chance but before the update i found a plane wreck almost every island usualy around the edge , since then i have started fresh and nothing on about nine islands. Maybe someone can clarify this that has found one and determine its not a bug.

Haven’t seen this reported before, alkewper74, do you have the original seed number for the save where there were planes at every island?

Plane wrecks are usually rare enough or sunken pretty far down in my experience. I’ll see if I can find out what the chances are of one showing up in a map is.

Follow up: While I don’t have exact numbers, the team member I spoke to mentioned they weren’t the most common of the wrecks. Difficult to determine if your plane wreck map filled was super lucky or an issue with map generation. If you have the seed I can add it to a report for the team to look into.

Unfortunatly i think that is the save i restarted this game on. But after asking about planes on a facebook page others are finding planes. Got me thinking today though about how sharks are meshing into the island and how sometimes shipwrecks are half buried, its possible i do have them they are just completely meshed into the rockface. Thanks for speaking to them though.

No worries, thank you for letting us know and best of luck in your search!