PS4 v2009 Cartographer

When i go into the cartographer my location on the map always stays on the centre (starting island) when i travel to another island, save and go back to main menu to see which island i am on it always shows my current island as the centre one which i know is not as i have an openoffice spreadsheet where i keep track of where i am, where i’ve been and what islands i have taken all resources from. as well as the island names. This also happens after i shut the game down and reload as well as shutting the game down as well as ps4 and reloading.

I’m having the same problem. My center island is a custom island that I’ll often respond for resources but can no longer do because it thinks I’m on that island. I noticed it happening right after the 2009 update.

Thank you for reporting this issue and for confirming you have tried reloading both the game and your console. I shall inform the team.

@Kate - thank you for confirming you also see this issue, can you confirm for me if you are on PS4 also or if you are on XB1?

Hi Clare, I am on the PS4. I have also cleared my cashe, restarted, etc.

Thank you for confirming that for my Kate - much appreciated!