PS4 v1820 Sound is dragging

First of all love the game, i play every night after work, and pretty much all weekend. (cant travel to the Caribbean personally right now but this is a great escape).
I have been trying to come up with why its been crashing and wish to help figure it out so any issues i find worth reporting i want to.
I have noticed that while loading into a packed island it does make a few clicking sounds before the glitch loading starts. Also the sound starts to really lag alot when just hanging out (usually after “running” around alot just before it decides to crash giving me time to save and close application and reload. Hope this helps

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Thanks for those details Alkweper74.
We’ll try to replicate on our end and pass the details on to the team.

In the meantime, check out the possible workarounds in this Known Issues thread related to crashing.

It’s happening to me
I play the game normal then the sound get slower
And fps get lower every men. So I had to close and open the game also the fps in the game in 25 or lower I can’t play with this fps

I’m experiencing this after the latest update aswell. The sound is horribly distorted, making it really hard to play to be honest.

Hi HatefulBlock,

I’m sorry to hear this is persisting in this in this update for you. Do you find it occurs after you use the cartographer, after extended gameplay or is it all the time?

Hi Clare,

I did start a new game after playing around with the cartographer, yes. It was fine for maybe the first 45 minutes, but after that it started to sound slow and distorted.

Thank you for confirming that for me. While the cartographer has been known to cause sound issues, it’s usually instant. This appears to be a built up issue. I shall add your info to my report for the team on this issue. If you happen to notice a trigger at any stage, please do let me know.

No worries. It was my first time using the cartographer so was unaware of any issues with it. I’ll stay away from it for the time being.

After using the cartographer (if you do wish to make any changes to your island) you should be able to avoid the sound issue if you restart the game. Or restart once it shows up. I know its not ideal, but its a workaround some players have found useful while we’re continuing to investigate the sound issues.

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