PS4 v 2033 Bouya Ball Base Not Lining Up

I hate adding to this topic again but after saving bouya balls to build a new raft i noticed they arent lining up, i am gonna post a few pics of it but keep in mind i did have worse not line up before i decided to take some pics with my phone

A few things i did notice that was the waves did affect how far off they were lined up, also if you start the build and let it flow against against a flat straight structure like a dock, the floor will line up better but the base does go offside if needed i can experiment in the near future and have have my phone ready also i will post if i can re-verify how to build it in a box like shape (squared up in a square or a rectangle)

Thank you for reporting this and for providing those photos. I’ll pass this onto the team and double check that this offset isn’t by design for any reason - please bear with me though, given the holiday season finding this out may take some time.

In the meantime please do let me know if you notice anything else with regards to the line up - I’d be curious to know if a lined up or offset affects breaking down of bases (if you are able to achieve that in your save). And if you have other base types in the same save are snapping together as expected or drifting a bit too?

I haven’t actually had this problem happen to me before, though I often take my raft onto dry land to build, using a decent-size object underneath for leverage to allow additions. It’s possibly a water-related issue, based on that.

I’ll keep an eye out for this bug, and maybe do some experimenting to see what can cause it when I can obtain more raft pieces to add onto mine.

First of all I understand with the holiday season as well as the way the world is right now it no rush, health first. Second i would like to say merry christmas (happy hanika or just happy holidays depending on your beliefs) to you, your family and the whole team.
As for building, yes i can still tear down the rafts, i tried that last night.
As for other raft materials, i just tried using a stick base and a corrugated floor and everything lined up perfectly, i don’t usually do barrels or tires but seeing as i have a week off of work after Christmas and will be on my secret island hidaway i will experiment in 2 days and report back.
I will also rebuild and finish a misaligned bouya ball raft and test its manoeuvrability/steering next week as a christmas present .

Thank you for taking the time to share those details and I shall keep an eye out for any reports on further experiments that you try. Knowing that other objects are snapping together as intended is leading me to believe that there is an issue here.

Thank you also for the festive wishes, I hope you too have a lovely holiday season :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your experience. If when continuing to build your raft that you do notice it, please do let me know. I’d like to keep track on if this is a commonly seen issue or if it is more isolated to saves.

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As a follow up, i have now found that if you build the base then floor right away (using buoy balls and bricks) after each section it does indeed line up correctly on the floor. I also noticed 2 other things, buoy balls have a a different look underneath them when flipped over (a huge net hole) as well as i tried tried building a “separate” raft section and sliding into a gap (also tried this with a stick base) and it doesnt fit into the gap so i am assuming the different types of bases haveing different outline shapes actually is intentional. Although inconvenient when with stick bases they are straight down each side and should slide in between.

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Thank you for that followup alkewper74, I shall add that information to my info request for the team when they are available to answer it :slight_smile: