[PS4/PS5][2017][Missing Inventory]Lost Inventory & Belts Co-op

I was the host on PS4 and my friend was joined on PS5. The issue began when I tried to make a rudder, it was constantly red and couldn’t be placed, while it showed up as blue for my friend.
Upon trying to drop my resources so my friend could make the rudder, they disconnected.
I was able to replicate making them disconnect as the game error was that I couldn’t drop my stack of two lashings. Upon trying to drop them, my friend would quickly disconnect. It seemed the game couldn’t decide if they were in my inventory or not. (1o’clock slot in inventory)

We decided to make sure we were both back in the game, saved at our shelter, and then re-load.

Upon reloading all my inventory has disappeared. I also now have no access to my two tool belts.
I can purchase the 3rd tool belt but not the first two again.

My friend lost nothing in the process.

My inventory was roughly as follows: 2 lashings, 4 stone, crude hammer, 3 wood sticks, refined axe, 8 fibrous leaves, 1 cloth. The the refined Knife in the top belt, and a refined spear in the right hand belt.

We tried loading in a couple more times without any success in regaining my inventory.

-Have you tried clearing the cache of the console by shutting down for 2 mins before rebooting?
Not yet. Will try soon.

As for the seed I can also find out soon.

Tried a few reboots of the game, no difference yet.