PS4 PS Now Game locked getting errors

After the recent update, I can no longer play this game on PS Now. I was able to play fine until i woke up this morning. I tried to load the game and got a message telling me my account couldn’t be confirmed. Not sure why since my PS Now account is active and im able to play other games. After that happened i noticed a lock on the game. I have tried to open the game and all i get is an error message that says “unidentified error has occurred. Please try again later.” I can’t find any straight answers.

Am I the only one?! What’s happening here?! I finally build a raft and this happens. Im sad!

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Yeah the game is locked and is the same problem for every one in ps4. Too many bug to patch, player losing data game. Have great day! For how many time idk.

Same here after the update on psnow. I’m not sure if they removed it. I hope not.

Hi i have the Same problem pleas check the Pics on My post, search bangme77, and say me It Is the Same problem, im from germany

Is this why im getting an unidentified error message? Im playing through PS Now on PS4 and at first I got a message saying my account couldn’t be verified. Weird. My account is good. Tried again but noticed the game had a lock. I can play any other game but not this one. All i get with this game is a message that says “An unidentified error occurred. Please try again.” I thought about buying the game to see if that helped but im not doing a thing until i know what’s wrong.


Hi @GORRAMZOMBIES welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry to hear you’re recieving an error message when laoding the game. I have moved your comment to a new topic as it was different that the main topic.

Please check your regions PS Now games list. I saw a player mention a similar error on the forums recently and they discovered that in their region Stranded Deep had been removed from PSNow. If the game is still available on PSNow in your region but you can still not access the game, please let me know and I’ll ask the team to look into it.

Hi @GORRAMZOMBIES - sorry I had not seen this separate post when I move your other one, but I have merged to two now.

@bangme77 - I responded to the thread you created on this topic with similar information to my reply to GORRAMZOMBIES

@Broh and @Yanib0927 - welcome to the forums. As per my reply to GORRAMZOMBIES, please double check the availablity Stranded Deep on PSNow in your region.

Hi just a follow up to this as I checked with the team. Stranded Deep left PSNow on the 7th of December so this is why it would show up as unavailable (However I understand that this is not clear for players in the PS system).

That makes absolutely no sense! Ughhh. I was playing it on the 8th. I live in Ohio, US. I looked online to see when it was being removed before i posted. I swear it had a few months left. How sad! But this makes me happy to know it’s not my playstation or something.

Thank you so much for answering my question!

Stranged deep was not deleted ony my psnow but is locked on quebec , CA. Thanx to help resolving this conflict

@GORRAMZOMBIES - There may have been a timezone difference or a delay in it being removed from PSNow that allowed you to play it into the 8th of Dec… Thank you for your understanding - I know that feeling of relief when you learn it’s not the console :slight_smile:

@Broh - I cannot find Stranded Deep listed on the CA PSNow list. Were you checking on your console or on the list on the PlayStation Website? As I mentioned with GORRAMZOMBIES there may have been a timezone difference or a delay in it being taken down / off lists in some regions. If you still see it, please let me know.