PS4 Pro, Version 2083, Binocular glitch

Hi. As per the title. Currently using PS4 Pro with version 2083 of the game. When I use binoculars, they won’t zoom in and after putting them down (away from face), the binocular view stays, and won’t go away. I have to save the game and reload it again the get the binocular view to go away.
Also, when at sea the game some slows so much I think it’s going to crash.
Hoping to get a fix for these. Thanks. SpearedShark.

Hi SpeakedShark, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your message. The issue you mentioned with the binoculars is one the team are aware of. They have a fix for this issue which is due to be released in the next update (date of update not yet confirmed). Unfortunately in the interim the only workaround for this issue is the one you mentioned in your post: reloading the game will reset the view back to normal.

Regarding the slowing down at sea, please let me know…

  • What in-game day are you at?

  • Does this happen whenever you’re at sea or only when you reach the halfway point between islands (this is also the point where the next island zone starts to load in)

  • If it is only occurring between islands, does it happen at the midway point regardless of which island you’re going to, or is it only when leaving / returning to your base island?

  • Can you describe the size of your raft and any additional items attached to it such as container shelves etc (if it’s easier to attach an image that’s no problem!)

  • Please also describe your island, if you have any piles of loose items, constructed buildings etc?

Any additional information you can provide about your gameplay and the points where you notice this slow down occuring would be greatly appreciated as it can help the team in their investigation as to what could be causing this.

Thank you.

This happens at any time of day. Have qa look into it.