[PS4] Ping time and other issues

Here is the message if i try to go in as 2nd player. You have to be invited yet it will have both the host and the person that joins will rec this as 2nd player.

You have to get the invite. If not you get this error. He was on private. Now he has to stop what he was doing save get out of the playing. Go back on and invite me or go public so i can get on.

@Clare look at my posts please?

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Idk with the other person. Most of them are like what are you talking about? So if they have no clue as the speed or nat. How do i tell them to look into it? It is hard when people do not know these things. They do not know there mbps or what a nat is.

Thank you for sharing additional information Wfpk4life. I aim to get to players posts as soon as I can and I am sorry for the delay in getting to yours. I will go through the information you provided and respond in more detail as soon as I can.

Hi Wfpk4life,

Again, thank you for the additional information. I am going to go through responses in order of the replies you sent. If you feel I’ve missed anything, please let me know.

Invite process - thank you for confirming the steps taken and what you see when this occurs.

Nat Type - thank you for confirming this and for your suggestion. I will also pass this onto the team, though they have likely considered this possibility, I will make sure they see this.

Thank you also for your feedback regarding ping time. I understand how disruptive to gameplay pauses in the game can be - especially if there is danger nearby.

Images sent - Thank you for sharing these images.

  • Regarding the meat, were these dropped over the fire or beside it? Were any of them “attached” to the fire and ended up floating or just the dropped one?
  • For the bats stuck in the air, did they move again at night or were they stuck in that position until reload?
  • I see you posted images in another report, were these meant to be posted in this thread? I can move the post if you wish, so all of the info can be kept together.
  • Could the host see these issues also or were items just floating for you?

Follow up “Server not found” image - thank you for providing this. Have you tried using “Join Session” from your friends list when the host is in the game? Does this result in the same error?

Regarding asking players to look into things: While it would never be our intention that players need to change their connection setup significantly in order to play the game, we generally ask players to do there own research when it comes to changing or looking into NAT types so they can make a fully informed decision and proceed with caution before changing anything (especially if trying to switching NAT 1 as there are pros and cons to this). Everyone has a different level of experience when it comes to network connections so I do my best to provide suggestions for players and guide them to provide the information I’m asking for where possible.

Thank you again for your patience while I go through your posts. As I said I aim to get back to players as soon as I can, however other tasks and not being at my desk over the weekend can delay this. If during the week there is a significant delay (3 days or so) or your post may have been missed, you are welcome to tag me.

My friend and i were playing and it showed the last person had a broken leg. When i loaded into multipler i got a broken leg for loading in. There is also no way to climb down a ladder. Only up. If you build a house with a roof that is 3 floors. You have no way even with a tower but to fall. There should be a way to go up and a way down if there is a ladder present. Example towers.

Please see my comment above for earlier responses.

I moved your other comment regarding issues with gameplay to this thread as the thread you posted in was from an older version. However I realised I forgot to ask - can you please confirm for me what version of the game you and your friend are playing? This number should be in the bottom left of the main menu.

The team are aware of issues with the interaction not appearing at the top of ladders for players. This issue is in their queue to be resolved but I believe they are actively working on issues that impact gameplay more severely at the moment such as the disconnects and desyncs in multiplayer.

Has the issue with the broken leg persisted for you through gameplay or was that in another save? Please also confirm for me if this occured recently in the current version or if it occured in an older version. I have a report submitted to the team for this and will update them with any additional info you can give me.

The most recent patch you put out. If not. It would not be compatible to play. Tried once when it was not the same.its constant with the leg. If someone builds a tower. The only way to get down is to jump. You climb up fine just cant get down the same way you got up.

The meat was on smokers.
Floating for player 2 only.
Bats, the matrix has them in another computer program. Sorry. It reminded me of the matrix.
The one is on the firer. The other 2 are on the smoker. I could not put any in the smoker due to not seeing it.
I dropped crabs. They were floating rocks sticks crates twisting and being put down or floating.

It does not matter as long as its reported and allow people to add on to this no matter the time frame. It could happen in the future.

Yes both are for multitude of problems. I have more.

Why is it raining yet still sunny unless it gets dark?

Why are yucca plants in non available to access and get the correct amount 7 to 12 fiberous leaves

I am wondering. Why beware of thunderstorms while in the raft? Ive been on the raft in a storm in fact the yellow one. Ive never tipped or got thrown over even so not hit by lightning. Wish you could amp it up a notch with the storms.
Meaning like wind seeing lighting strike other islands or water. Give the gyrocopters and the plane windy conditions at times. Watch out for lightning. I mean it sucks. You just get rain. WOW so exciting! (yes sarcastic remark).

Once again ill give more when i am back home. I. 3 days n depends on the florida hurricane ian n power. Come back on.

Hi Wfpk4life,

Thank you for that additional information. I have been going through your posts and will update reports I have for the team where there are issues they are aware of and create new ones as required for the items you’ve mentioned.

I am not sure why it rains while still sunny in game, though I have experienced this in real life myself and it could be a trait of the weather in game, or an error, but I’ll pass this feedback onto the team anyway along with your feedback regarding thunderstorms.

I hope Hurricane Ian passes you without incident. I will keep an eye for any further posts on this thread.

We are fine. Tyvm. Im not home until tonight. I will give more feed back when i start playing on 2nd player. It past in port charolette. South of us. We are in the upper counties to the north. Nothing really happened.

What or who is sam when the invite happens?

I’m glad to hear it passed you by.

As to you question, I’m afraid I don’t understand. Could you possibly rephrase it for me or elaborate on it?

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Im sorry if you miss understood me. That was my fault. When at times when you join a game publicly. It shows up as being your name on bottom. You then see sam then some information. You next see the other persons handle for ps4.
What or who is sam? If you need a picture. Ill be more then happy enough to get one.

Hi Wfpk4life,

Thank you for expanding on that question for me. I think it may be worth seeing an image of what you’re refering to as I’d like to confer with the dev team about it.

The only thing I can think of is Sam is one of the original 2 developers of the game. But the way you’re describing it, this could be something else entirely and it’s just a coincidence. I’ll see if I can get more info from the team on this.

Here are ping information for the u.s

There is another problem. Ive seen it but not captured it. The sharks tails always move to the left. When you on a sand bar if you would. I saw it happen on a hammerhead at the time.

This one im uploading should not be like this. You loose out on the fiberous.

Here is the sam nam or program that is running.

This one is really messed up honestly. I was trying to join someone online. It does not say how many people are on. So i tried and recieved this error

It should tell you it is full before not with it saying an eorror. That is not an error. Its full. It should show it on the side next to the name that started the hosting.