[PS4] Giant Hogs Will Not Die

The New Giant Hogs have infinity life :joy: they just will not die please help !!!


Yeah bro I wasted 35 spears to kill it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Well that sound like they have some pretty tough hide… I’ll send a message to the team and check if this is intended or if they’re unintentionally overpowered.

Thank you for reporting it!

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Hi again @Widdow2020 and @Ahmadm48

I am going over this issue with the team and one of the things they asked me to double check is your hunting skill level vs the average number of spears used.

The damage spears do is scaled with hunting skills so if you’ve started new saves and your hunting skill is low, that would make the Hogs much harder to kill. If it’s in your pre established saves that were updated, then it should be easier with a higher hunting skill.

Knowing where each of you are at will help us to investigate the balance of the hogs.

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I’m a lvl 3 hunting skill on a new save and I put 25 crude spears in one and it was still standing.

Yep, definitely seems like a lot to me. I shall make a note and submit a full report with regards to the Giant Hogs. Thank you HatefulBlock744

If anyone else wants to give me their numbers I’ll add them to the report too :+1:

No worries, hope it helps.

The only way I found to kill them is in passive mode and hit them 10 times with refined axe but in passive mode there are no sharks :exploding_head::exploding_head:

Thanks for that comparison Widdow2020, I’ve added it to the report for the team

I believe my hunting was around 4 on my current save during the last two hogs I took on. The hogs took my standard 12 refined spears (which are more than sufficient for gathering great whites at lower hunting levels) and then another 4-6 refined axe chops before going down. Definitely the least squishy mob (by far) in the game, except for perhaps the bosses. They do go down though!

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for letting us know. It appears the issue may be with the spears being thrown and the team are working on this issue. But I’m glad to hear you’ve still been able to kill them even if they provide a bit of a challenge!