PS4,gameplay, can’t build on raft

Probably related to the “can’t interact” issue but wanted to add that I also can’t build shelves on my raft. Please help!!

Hi Thistlehoney,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue in your save.

Please let me know:

  • Is this occurring at the same time as the interaction issue for you?

  • Are you placing “Container Shelves” on your raft and do you have a floor as well as a base piece?

  • Is this a new save or one created before the update? If it was created before, please try removing the floor piece and replacing it, then attempting to attach the container shelves.

Any other information about your gameplay setup and what you’re seeing when this occurs would also be helpful in investigating this issue. If at all possible a video clip of the issue occurring may help provide clues as to what is happening too.

  1. yes this happened with the unable to interact bug

  2. this is a new game, not saved before the update

  3. yes it is container shelves and yes I have a floor on my raft. I can add rudder and sail but not shelves

Thanks for confirming that information for me Thistlehoney.

When you’re crafting the container shelves, does the outline of the shelves snap to the position but stay red, or are the shelves failing to snap to that point and moving through the space as if the raft wasn’t there?

If you approach the raft and aim at the bottom of the floor part of your raft (you may need to crouch) or stand on your raft and aim directly downwards at one of the corners of the base piece, can you build the container shelves? - This suggestion is based on what some players need to do to interact with items during the interact issue.

What is your floor piece made of? Are all your floor pieces the same and have you tried to connect to floor pieces made of other materials?