Ps4 crashing issue, freezing on cleaning up screen, and 2 other odd bugs

I started playing the game yesterday with my sister, the game is really fun but has many problems. I play on ps4 and as many people experience as I am player 2 I get kicked alot of the time, sometimes the game just lags until unplayable before freezing and then I get kicked with the ‘server not found check your network connection amd try again’ error coming up. My internet will be fine when it does this. We also ran into another issue where when me and my sister were riding on a rail together the game randomly kicked (without the lag) and the same error popped up. My sister made a shelter and saved on another island before inviting me back and after that when I tried to join back the game kept getting stuck on the cleaning up screen and it continued that. My sister was able to load in (maybe because she was the host im not sure) and she went back to our original island and saved the game there and when we tried to load in I was able to get back in without it freezing on the cleaning up stage. I’m not sure if that is the work around for that issue but it was something I wanted to note. This is all with the most recent update I think, I can check to make sure if I need to later and I can add the seed later as well. My sister did add some custom islands, im not sure on how many but I can find all this information out, I don’t think the setting are changed much either except animals are set to dangerous. Our main problem is the game kicking me out after lagging terribly, nothing seemed to have caused it, I would start playing the take normally when it starts messing up, I’ve tried reconnecting the internet and shutting the game down to see if that would helped but it never seems to work. Yesterday the game worked fine when I first started, we played for probably at least 7 to 8 hours until I got kicked the first time and after that I couldn’t load back in without the game to starting to lag and freezing about 1 minute after loading in and we tried to go back in 4 times but no luck. Today we played for like 30 minutes and I got kicked and we kept trying but the same thing happened and at points my sister who is the host wouldn’t even be able to host because it kept saying cannot connect to server. We tried again about an hour and a half later and it worked and we played for 4 to 5 hours until the game I seemed to run into another bug. I just finished putting a bunch of crates onto the storage shelves in the house. I took 2 rocks out of one crate and when I tried to put them back in the crate they would just drop on the ground instead of being stored. I’m really not sure what caused it but anything I tried to put in a crate would just drop instead of being stored, I didn’t test for a fix for that bug but I feel like just leaving the game and coming back would most likely fix it. There’s also a bug where when walking on wood or plank floors that the camera would mess up and the controls for walking would become inverted, I have no idea what could cause that. The game is super super fun especially the multiplayer aspect so I hope everything gets fixed soon.

Hi Lynn102203, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues when playing Stranded Deep. Thank you for taking the time to share these details with me.

You have a few issues mentioned so I’ll address each of them separately below.

  1. Multiplayer Disconnects.
    It seems you have two versions of the issue here, one is where only Player2 disconnects (usually after a desync) and the other is where the host also struggles to connect or can be kicked if the game is already running.
    Both of these are ones the team are aware of and are investigating. The team have suggested for the Player2 disconnecting, saving and reloading as soon as any desync is noticed may help avoid the loss of progress. Though we understand that this is not always ideal.

Regarding the different types of disconnect, please let us know:

  • Are you both playing on the same connection in the same household or different connections?
  • What server region are you using to host the game? If you are set to “Auto” please try selecting your nearest region to see if that makes a difference for you. If you are using a specific region, please let me know which one you are using and if changing it to a different one helps at all?
  • What is the NAT type for each connection? This can be found in the network settings on your console. If they’re different, please let me know which is which with regards to host and Player2.
  • You mentioned your sister was hosting, did you start a fresh save together or has this save been in existance for a while / has a lot of game days?
  • Have you noticed if particular times or the day or certain days are more affected than others when it comes to disconnections of the host?
  1. Cleaning Up freeze
    With regards to the “Cleaning Up” Phase issue, this has primarily been reported by players using the Single Player saves most recently. If you or your sister experienced this with a multiplayer save recently (In version 2078 or 2079), please let me know. The fact that she was able to load in without you and move islands is interesting and may not be related to similar recent reports. Any extra information you can provide about this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Stones being dropped from the inventory instead of stored in a crate.
    Did this happen shortly before a disconnect at all? I think you’re right that reloading may have worked as it may have been a desync problem, but if you notice it again (or anything similar) please let me know.
    Was this crate on a container shelf or on the ground? Did your Sister also try to use the crate and did she have any problems?

  3. Inverted controls after walking on wood or plank floors.
    This is an interesting one that I hadn’t heard of before. Can you elaborate on what you mean by “The camera would mess up”? Also did this just happen to you as Player2 or does your Sister experience this as host too?
    If it is at all possible to get a clip of it occurring I think this could greatly benifit the team too if I can include it in my report (No worries it not though!).
    Please also let me know which of you built these floors and if it happens for all floors of this type of if it’s just a particular set that’s affected.

I think that’s everything covered, if I missed anything, or there’s anything else you wish to report, please let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you again for reporting these issues to us.

[Edited: for clarity and a bit of format editing]

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