[Ps4]Coop game kicks me when host is on other island

My game kicks me when my friend (who is host) is on other islands. It doesn’t always happen but seems to happen here and there. My game doesnt kick me when we are together but when we ar on other islands sometimes it kicks me

Same to me as well i got the same problem. Please fix this problem when i play whit my friend he can play in the moment is kick out of the game. I play three times whit him and is the same problem.

Hi Chappik,

Thank you for reporting this issue, I’m sorry to hear it is affecting your gameplay.

Can you confirm for me if you are kicked as your host is travelling to another island, or are they on the island for some time before you are kicked? Have either of you noticed any common factor or action being performed at the moment you are kicked? Do you remain on the same island for the entire time they are on another island?

Please also let me know what both of your NAT types are (these are in your network settings on your console) and if you have tried playing with you as the host and if the same issue has occured.