PS4 bugs resources not showing up

Hello love your game and can’t waite for more content. But I’m having issues when I creat an island only some of the resources are showing up. No metal or cloth or planks. But rock deposits, and trees are good to go. Also having issues with items in crests disappearing. I’ve lost a lot of potatoes and bandages.

Thank you very much for your time.

Ps please add snails lol. Nothing like escargot on an island.

Hi Rooster, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting these issues to us - I’ve responded to each below.

Creating islands
There are limits to how much can be added to an island, this prevents the island from being overloaded and causing issues in-game. When creating an island you can “lock” items to ensure they show up. Please try creating an island again but this time “lock” the metal, cloth or planks you’ve added. This may mean some trees or other items may not show, but any locked resources should.

Instructions for locking items in the island creator are under the preview image for the island.

If you have locked items and are still having issues with them showing up, please let us know what settings and amounts of each item you are using in your island (screenshots of the island settings are also fine to save you listing them out!)

Potatoes and Bandages Vanishing
When the potatoes vanish, were they spoiled? The team are aware of an issue with spoiled fruit vanishing for players and are investigating it. If the potatoes were fresh, please let us know. With regards to the bandages, were these in the same crates as the potatoes / any other food or were they in crates on their own when they vanished?

Have each of the items you’ve lost been lost when saving and reloading or during regular gameplay?

Thank you also for your suggestion, while I can’t guarantee the team will add new creatures to the game, I will pass your feedback onto them :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the warm welcome and yes the potatoes were with the bandages and they were spoiled. That clears some stuff up. I guess they just glitched out with the potatoes. It has only happened so it isn’t a bad thing, just annoying like those dang binoculars lol.

Hi Rooster,

Thank you for confirming the potatoes and bandages were in the same crate. While the team is investigating the issue caused by food, I’ll note that your bandages were lost too as they may wish to check items like this on their own without food to make sure they’re not affected.

I completely understand how annoying both losing items and the issue with binoculars can be for players and I appreciate your understanding while the team works on these issues.

If there’s anything else you notice that you wish to report, please do not hesitate to do so - even if there are already reports on the forums - all information from the point of view of a player’s unique gameplay experience can be very helpful to the team and it also helps me keep track of how common an issue might be.

Thank you again :slight_smile: