PS4 Bugs after 10/7/21 update

After latest update to ps4 the single player version of stranded deep is practically impossible for me to play now. About 9/10 saves at a shelter end up crashing the game, regardless of which island on.

And when go to return to home island on raft, once close the game lags so horribly that it’s impossible to proceed. So I’m no longer able to return to home island with all supplies on it. There are very few loose items out, majority in crates. And I have about a 6x4 brick hut there, it’s nothing elaborate. Overall my home island is fairly basic compared to some others I’ve seen.

Also at times I can hear bat noises while swimming underwater during day. Doesn’t matter which island or if near shipwreck, appears to be very random.

Tried restarting game and system, along with changing view between first and third. None of this fixes these issues. Like this game and it has always been buggy but is so much worse now that I’ll be moving on to another one till save and lagging are fixed. It’s absolutely ridiculous to have this many major problems in a game that’s been released for this long.

Another issue that have had prior to latest updates are I’ve been to all 25 islands on cartographer twice and searched thoroughly. Yet still have not found all survivors shelters (only have one) or wooly. And watch says visited 24/25 islands. Any suggestions on what this issue may be would be awesome

Hi SP79, welcome to the forums

Thank you for reporting these issues here, I’m sorry to hear your saves are affected this way. I have responded to each point below and have some follow-up questions if you don’t mind…

Crashing when saving and lag when travelling between islands

Is this save one that was created fresh after the new update or a pre-existing one? From your description it sounds like a pre-existing save but I want to double check. Please also let me know if it was created in the last version, 2033 or if it is older and what type of island your home base is on.

Bat noises during the day

This is an issue I have submitted a report to the team on. Thank you for letting us know you experience it too, this can help us track the frequency of the issue.

Survivors shelters

This is an issue the team are aware of and are working to address, however I do believe when this fix is released it may require a new update to find them as they are generated as part of the map.

I understand these issues are frustrating and any extra information you can provide about your save and gameplay setup would be very much appreciated as it may help the team to investigate further.