[PS4][2111] Crashing and Saving question

I am crashing a good bit when trying to save. I am not understanding why this is happening. Can you not save the game from the pause menu?

Hi @Thedoublefoot, welcome to the forums,

I moved your post to it’s own thread so I could address it directly and avoid reviving the older post from a previous version where you had posted.

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with crashing when saving. You are correct that you cannot save the game from the pause menu. This can only be done using a shelter or a bedroll.

The team is investigating different things that can trigger crashing when saving. Please let me know:

  • Are you playing on PS4? given where you originally posted I assumed this, but can you please confirm this for me?
  • Is your save solo or multiplayer?
  • Can you see the version number 2111 in the bottom left of the main menu?
  • How many in-game days have you played for?
  • Do you have a lot of loose items gathered on your island?
  • Do you have shelters on multiple islands where you save?
  • Do you use custom islands for gathering additional resources in game?
  • Please describe your base island (if you have one)
  • Is the crashing most likely to happen on a particular island or after you complete certain actions (eg: after you craft) ?
  • Have you noticed a pattern in the crashing (eg: you can save successfully 3 times before the game will crash on the 4th save)

I understand that these crashes can be frustrating, and any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated by the team investigating the issues and may also help me to provide suggestions to help avoid crashes.

Thank you.