[PS4][2104] Platinum currently unobtainable

First off the reason Platinum is currently not obtainable is due to the fact, for one you cannot place hook, or shelf currently after last patch. Also (Gotta craft them all) When crafting story items for some reason, toolbelt or boss trophies become uncrafted, and there is no way to recraft them again making it impossible to craft every item, even if you start a new save you will run into issue that you cannot place hook or shelf.

Having spend a ton of hours on this game i feel really disappointed, when im not able to finish this game due to bugs preventing the last trophy i need to get unlocked.

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Same thing here. Other players and myself made them aware of this issue. They said they’re currently looking into it so hopefully a fix will come soon.


Hi Slothen, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting this issue and sharing your feedback - I completely understand how disappointing issues like this that affect trophies and gameplay can be. As ForbiddenMMXXIII mentioned this issue is one the team are aware of and they know what caused the issue. It is my understanding they are currently working on a fix for it.

Unfortunately I do not have a timeline for when fixes for issues will be released, but as soon as I have more info I’ll let the community know.

Thank you again.

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