Ps4,2083, seafarer

Playing the ps4 version on a ps5, tried reloading my save tried redownloading the game, tried deleting my cache, but I haven’t slept in 12 days and seafarer won’t pop

Hi Spedgie, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue with this trophy unlocking, thank you for reporting it.

Please let me know:

  • Have all of the in-game days you spend not sleeping occurred within the same version number?

  • When not sleeping, did you stay on your island or did you travel to other islands?

  • What activities did you perform during these days? Did anything change with your character such as leveling up?

  • What are the settings you are using for this save? Did you change any within the days mentioned?

  • I know you said you haven’t slept, but can you confirm for me you didn’t sleep on the water at any stage?

  • Did you save or save and quit at any stage or did your attempt for this trophy originally occur within a single gameplay session?

  • During your trophy attempt, did you notice any other issues occuring in the game?

Any extra information you can provide about your gameplay or save setup would be greatly appreciated as it can help the team to investigate what could be causing this issue.