[PS4][2083][Crates/birds-bats/improper physics]Bats and Seagulls toppling stacks

Storage crate stacks (not on shelving) in buildings with windows are repeatedly knocked over by seagulls and bats.

Shelving use causes massive play prohibiting game lag if a save is performed while crates are on shelves.

Both the largest bats and largest Sea gulls in the world are under 5lbs (hollow bones!!!). How can a 60lb (conservative guess) wooden crate get knocked over by an < 5lb animal??? Even velocity (at that weight) wouldn’t do it and I doubt they would be kamikaze dive bombing crates.

I wish these improper physics would get addressed, especially since shelving is not functional and this really messes up the game and wastes so much time.

I wonder… in the pc version where there are “stacks” does this still occur?

Hi NgtHwk1,

Thank you for reporting the details of your experience. I have a report submitted on bat and seagull collisions for the team to investigate and I will add your information regarding the stacks of chests to the report and that it happened recently for you - I understand where you’re coming from with the physics being improper and that it can be frustrating, especially with shelves causing issues also.

With that in mind I know the team are investigating issues with the shelves reported by players and I will also inform them that you’ve found crates on shelves to cause issues with lag and saving.

I am not sure if the piles feature is affected by this on PC. The team is working on testing this feature for Console and I’ll make a note for them about this too

Thanks so much Claire. I can’t believe how diplomatic you are in the face of our endless frustration rants. You’ve definitely got class!

Thank you so much for your kind words and support NgtHwk1 :slight_smile: As a gamer I completely understand how furstrating issues (big and small) can be for players and I’m happy to try help out in any way I can and in turn get as much information as possible for the team help them resolve those issues.

Thanks again and if there’s anything else you wish to report, please don’t hesitate to do so. Whether it’s an issue the team are aware of or not, all infromation from the point of view of players is valuable.