[PS4][2074][Save Game] Keep Falling from the Sky After Loading

A new issue we are having is now, whenever we load back in from the main menu to our home island, we fall from the heavens and break our bones. Now, we have lots of materials to make splints, but the issue now is with the frequent crashes, we have to save constantly, then when we crash and load back in, we fall, and break bones, but also take a good amount of damage. Which means, unless we get our health filled up each time, eventually what will happen is we end up in a continuous never ending cycle of loading in, falling, and dying.

This needs to be fixed now!!!

Unknown with coop

Default settings

Save at home island > Game Crashes > Reload > Fall from sky

Tried all basic troubleshooting steps.

Hi Saucetradamus,

I’m sorry to hear this issue is occuring in your save. This is one that other players have reported and the team is investigating. I shall add your details to the report.

Please let me know:

  1. Before this issue started occurring when you loaded in, did either of you take damage when falling from a height before saving?

  2. Have you tried creating a new shelter or sleeping bag to save on the island?

  3. Have you tried moving to another island temporarily to save in a different area, reloading, and then moving back to your island to save?

  4. Is there anything else you can recall about your gameplay before this started occurring that you did differently or anything that may have been affecting your character when you saved?

Any extra information you can provide about your experience would be greatly appreciated. I understand how this issue can be resource heavy and frustrating as you are caught in this loop.

Hi Clare!

So we did not take any falling damage before saving. We did try creating a new shelter, even on a different part of the island, still doing it. However, if we go to another island and save, it works just fine…… it just seems to be our main island that’s the issue.

This seems to be the exact same thing that was happening in my save.
I took fall damage every time I loaded in, and needed to keep my eye on my health bar before saving. I tried moving my shelter to other parts of the island, and the issue still occurred on that island, but when I went to another island and saved and loaded, the issue was not occurring, but then after doing that and then going back to my main island, it happened every time I loaded in. Placing the shelter so that it should have dropped me in the water, didn’t help, because it always spawns you above land, and if you try to land in the water, it just drops you onto the shelter, and leads to a broken bone (in my regular shelter, broken bones never happened, because it was so high up on the map). The only thing that worked for me was loading my cloud save up, and losing around 80 days progress; which had to happen anyway, because of the save/load bug.

Yeah, that all sounds like the exact same issue we are having…… however we are almost done the game now and about to get the platinum trophy….so can’t revert back at this point @Clare

Yes your save was the one I was thinking about @RightSide - Thank you for including a description of your experience for Saucetradamus.

Thank you for confirming those details for me @Saucetradamus and for confirming your issue matches RightSide’s description too. I have added your details to the report I have on this issue.

If you can recall anything else that changed or caused damage to your character before this issue started occurring on load, please let me know. Please also let me know if you keep any items around your shelter where you save that may have caused you to be thrown upwards the first time this occurred. Some items that have been known to push players upwards when dropped as things like logs, crates or some building materials.

[Edit: I just had a thought about a workaround… If you have a shelter built, and you put a sleeping bag in it on the ground floor, there is a safety mechanism that if something is in the way it will spawn you in the next available open space - often this is the roof. You could try using a sleeping bag indoors to encourage your character to spawn on a second floor or on the roof. Not ideal, but it may be a way to avoid broken bones while the team work on this issue. I would recommend backing up your save either on an external drive or in cloud storage if you can before trying this as I would hate for this glitch to spawn you in the floor or something if the safety doesn’t kick in…]