[PS4][2074][Items] Water skins keep becoming empty clones

I play multiplayer with my husband with him hosting. Every time I join the game, my water skins are water_skin_name or water_skin_clone. They are always empty, and at times I can only put one sip in the canteen.

This also happens if my husband drops a water skin, and if it has 3 sips when he drops it is empty but I can fill it fully. If it has 2 sips, I can only put 2 in it, etc.

If I drop the skin, it is named normally and works as intended when he picks it up, but if I pick it back up it’s empty and limited again.

We’ve restarted the game, unplugged the systems to clear the cache, etc.

Hi Sunnyleigh,

Thank you for reporting this and for providing that image. I believe this may be related to another issue where players are finding the inconsistency in the amount of servings listed in a waterskin or clay flask. They reported that if that through passing it back and forth they manage to get it to -1 servings (displays as having a serving but is infact empty) that taking a drink will cause player 2 to disconnect.

Have you ever experienced a disconnect when drinking from a flask that is experiencing this issue?

I’m going to report this seperately as a naming issue but mark it as potentially linked to the issue I mentioned above for the team.

Please also let me know if you’ve ever lost the ability to interact with a waterskin if it was in your characters hands on joining the game.