Ps4 2074 hogs and boars run into water

I noticed this happened before the update, thought it might have been fixed but it happened again. Last time I was chasing one of them it took off into the ocean never to be seen again and I looked everywhere. This time it happened he ran into the ocean and got stuck between 2 rocks. Another time it ran into the ocean and ran back out onto land a ways away. It happened after attacking them. I always throw fishing spears at them. Not sure if that matters. ( leather for a refined spear seems a bit expensive unless its made to where bats give us 1 leather strap)
Maybe at least make it to where in water boars and hogs have to swim or float that way they can’t dissapear on the ocean floor and down into the abyss.

sometimes they swim in circles under the water…lol

Ya haha I’ve had that happen too makes them easier to catch but I have literally had one take off into the depths of the ocean never to be seen again haha.

Hi Abates,

Thank you for letting me know you are still experiencing this issue. I’ll let the team know it is still occurring in the current version. Have you noticed if this only occurs on custom islands or does it happen on all islands for you?

Your title also says you are playing version 2071, is this correct? (current version is 2074)

Ya my bad its happening on the current version I tried to fix it but it won’t let me

No worries, I think the forum has a limit on how long a post can be edited after being created. I’ve changed it for you and for my own reference when looking through posts :slight_smile:

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