PS4/2074/Floor Glitch/Lost my Cod

I know this issue has already been known but just in case it’s believed the issue was resolved…

At 15:22 GMT time I dropped 2 Cod on the floor at camp and they both just disappeared in to the floor.

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When this was happening to me on an earlier version, i would find them on the beach near the water.
This is supposed to have fixed in updates but there are still some glitches happening.
I know this happened with an arrow on my game yesterday. Shot a bat down the bat was on the floor and arrow was gone, found it later near the water.

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Hi Corbyboi,

Thank you for reporting this. The recent update was designed to prevent the interaction issue from occuring when items fell through the ground, but may not prevent items from falling through. As Billsy88 mentioned, some players are finding them on the shore or in the water at a later stage.

If you notice anything else falling through the ground, please let me know. I’m making a note of items to be investigated by the team.

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Found potatoes from other island and they just disappeared on my home island. Those was dropped unobtrusively when cleaning my farming plants and in the next moment couldn’t find those anymore.

Previously noticed that planks and spears seems to disappear in some cases too.

Hi @sodotm, please let me know if these show up at a later stage on other parts of your island. I’ll note the potatoes vanishing for the team so they can investigate them too.

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Haven’t found anything so far. Today I dropped the crude hoe from my inventory and it disappeared immediately :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When this occurred, were you near your farming plots or do you store it elsewhere? I’ve heard other players say if they crouch where they dropped it they have been able to retrieve it. Any such luck in your save? (I’m not sure if this is a time sensitive thing or not…)

Yes, it was right near to the farming plots. Must definitely try crouching, hope it helps.

Crouching did not solve this. Perhaps it went under the plots? Crafted a new one and stored it in crave.

Thanks for trying and letting me know @sodtom - I’ll make a note of this. If it managed to slip low enough, you may find it on the shore at some stage, but I’m glad you were able to create another one to farm with.

If you lose anything else, please do let me know and I’ll make sure it’s highlighted for the team.

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