[PS4][2074][Disconnect/Crash] coop player disconnects after drinking

While playing coop with a friend, in certain circumstances, he would just randomly disconnect, or so we thought. It’s was only after several disconnects that I started to notice a pattern. Every time I drank out of a clay flask, he would disconnect. We replicated this every time. We tired drinking out of water stills/ leather flasks, and it would work fine. I have yet to create a new clay flask and try that, but that is my next step.

Unknown with coop

Default settings

Every time I drank from a clay flask. We are fairly far into the game, have lots of resources and have explored most islands

Tried rebooting several times, but have not cleared cache yet

Hi Saucetradamus - welcome to the forums (I love your username!)

Thank you for reporting your experience of this issue. Another player reported similar recently and believed it was linked to the number of servings in the clay or flasks desyncing.

Did you share your flask with your friend at all? If so, do the servings match up for each of your or does it show different amounts depending on who has the flask?

Are you or your friend able to fill up this flask at a still without issue?

While I understand it’s not happening for other flasks, please let me know if the servings in those desync for you and if a new clay flask helps you at all.

Please also let me know if your watch days or times have desynced at all.

Hi Clare,

Sorry for the late reply,

We will try a few of those things now, but we are experiencing desyncing. What we noticed so far is our raft sometimes will show the anchor/sails in an opposite state for each of us???