[PS4][2074] Crates disappearing

The potatoes were on the ground.

Thanks for letting me know SmokedLargeMeat. As crates were not involved I’ll include this info in a separate report for the team.

@Clare my crates are missing at random. Crates filled with antidote, rope, meat, etc. And they are disappearing off the shelves after a save and then they are gone when I reload in. What the heck? I’ve “lost” 10 crates and this is garbage

I have noticed that my potatoes do disappear after a few days (may be the same as the harvest cycle) after they spoil. I always leave them on the ground, just thought this was a normal game mechanic, as I have had spoiled meat disappear in the same way when stacked on the ground. Seems like the disappearance occurs around 3 days after spoiling, but can’t be sure. I used to have multiple potato plots to support my fuel still, but I don’t use that much fuel and don’t need to eat that many potatoes, so I have since reduced my potato section of the farm to one plot because unused spoiled potatoes have always disappeared for me after a few days anyway. Just keep one around growing and harvesting so I don’t have to go seek out more when I do need them. Playing on Xbox Series X, online multiplayer, version always current but this mechanic has persisted as long as I can remember.

Also perhaps worth noting, I haven’t had any crates disappear since I stopped storing my perishable foods in them (eggs, meat, potatoes). Now I only store smoked meat instead, anything else I leave on the ground just in case it could be the cause of the disappearances.

Hi @Kryss89 - I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost so many crates to this issue and that they have contained a number of different things including non-perishable items. I understand this is frustrating after gathering these resources.

Please let me know:

  • What version of the game are you playing (this number is in the bottom left of the main menu)
  • Is this occuring in a single or multi player game?
  • Are you using Container Shelves to store the crates or are they stacked on wooden shelves?
  • Do you only put one type of item in your crate?
  • Do you rename crates? If so, do you use any special characters or do you stick to numbers and letters?
  • If you use container shelves, do you find some crates end up jumbled or their names are incorrect after a reload?
  • How many crates do you have on your island?

Any extra information you can share would be greatly appreciated as I believe there is a chance you are experiencing a slightly different issue related to using container shelves.

@ArmchairTuna66 - Thank you for sharing those details, the information on the vanishing of items after spoiling is interesting and I shall pass this onto the team.

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