[PS4][2074] Crates disappearing

Twice now I’ve had crates disappear. Both times I saved the game and logged out. When I log back in, crates of smoked cooked meat are missing. It’s only the crates with meat in them. The first time I thought maybe they had been washed away as they were near the water edge, but the second time they were on a container shelf.

Online multiplayer
I’ve reloaded my save and also done a hard reset on my console and neither have brought my crates back.

This has happened to me, however I found the crates had been loaded into a slot on an adjacent (actually touching) shelf. If you have two shelves touching or touching and on uneven ground, you might find the same has happened to you. Check the other shelf, you’ll have to pull the crates off to see the “misloaded” crate.

I only have 1 shelf. I built it after I thought the 2 crates that were on the ground may have floated away. But after logging back into the game, 2 of the 3 crates on the shelf were gone. Only the ones with meat in them are disappearing

Have you pulled both crates off the shelf to see if it double loaded a slot?

There’s only 1 crate left on the shelf, and I have removed it. Besides, double slotting on the shelf would not explain why my crates on the ground disappeared nor why it’s only the 4 crates that had meat in them, and none of the other crates.

There are other issues with meat so it could be related. Crates don’t float so I doubt they are being washed away…

I had an issue with multiplayer where meat placed over a basic campfire were slowly drifting away in the air, at the level they were placed over the fire (not attached).

I’ve also had smoked meat spoil, and other people have said their crates full of smoked meat has all spoiled, but I personally haven’t experienced that.

Hi mmhb99,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I’m sorry to hear this has occured multiple times in your save. I believe DemonStar89 could be right, that other issues affecting meat may be related to your creats as well as that is the common factor in your missing crates.

You mentioned playing in online multiplayer, are you playing with the player 2 or are you in a priviate game alone? If you have a player 2, have you noticed a desync in your watch times or if they can see the meat you’ve cooked and smoked?

There have also been a few reports of objects being teleported to the centre of an island after a save and reload. If that area of your island is clear, please also check the centre of your island to see if they loaded there instead.

We are having the same issue! Only crates with meat in them!

Hi Clare! It is online multiplayer with 2 people. We have not checked our watches to see if they have different times, but next time it happens I will make sure that we do. As for the meat, I was host and it was actually my friend that put the meat on and I couldn’t see it. It’s happened a few times.

There were no boxes in the middle of the island. Nothing was moved or out of place, except for the crates that disappeared.

Thanks for confirming that for me mmhb99. I’ll update my report for the team and if you could let me know if the watches go out of sync whenever you are able to check that would be great. I’ll keep an eye out for any updates from you :+1:

Thanks for letting me know SmokedLargeMeat. Have you noticed if it matters what type of meat is in the crates for you?

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@Clare i can confirm a few things happening here also. Crates are disappearing and I’m noticing a few things because this keeps happening to me and my friend. First off whenever the non host is crafting or cooking and placing items inside the crates and after we leave the game and come back whatever she did and put into the crates has disappeared along with the crate. I also just saw how u commented about the watches out of sync in the game. When I just checked hers and mine I am on 15 feb in the game and she was on 14 feb in the game. Our time was the same but our day count is also out of sync too it said I had 77 days and she had 76. I am playing on an Xbox One X. I haven’t noticed anything about how or when the dates have changed but I will try to see if I can identify when it happens. I do know she gets disconnected from my game quite often we both have open Nat types and are connected by an Ethernet cable neither is WiFi connected and she experiences quite a bit of lag at times. Since we just now noticed the watches off sync we both have left the game and dashboarded and reloaded back in. It did resync the watches so somewhere along the line they are getting out of sync and I’m not sure where yet. Im gonna try to see when and we will pay more attention to it, my guess is it happens at disconnect. If that’s the case the workaround for now may be to have to exit the game and dashboard and both load back in at the same time instead of me just reinviting her but I will monitor this and see if I can figure out when it happens and what is causing it.

We have also tried both the U.S. Server East and West and have had the same problems in both servers so I don’t think it’s a server specific issue.

Well it’s 5 minutes later after we loaded in and we did three things and the watches got out of sync again, first we went fishing because we were completely out of food again, second she cooked the food and stored it. We then went to our shelter and slept without saving. First thing in the morning we checked our watches my day rolled to 16 feb and she was still at 15 feb and both of us were still at 5:45 am but different days we did not save and are exiting the game.

So we reloaded back in at 15 feb approx 8:20 pm I said let’s save this time and sleep and see what happens. We woke up and this time the watches were in sync with the date 16 feb. going to try this method again this next day and see what happens will update when we get to that point

It absolutely has something to do with the saving. The same results happened again we waited until 8:20 pm I then saved the game we slept and in the morning we both had the date of 17 feb so then we exited the game and reloaded back in. So now it’s 8:20 pm again on 16 feb and we just slept without saving. in the morning my watch said 17 feb and hers stayed at 16 feb. so it has something to do with saving prior to sleeping. You must save in order for the days to match. We are now going to attempt to see what happens if we don’t sleep till after midnight if her watch rolls over at midnight and if we sleep after midnight does it stay in sync. We will also make attempts using the sleeping bag also and I’ll update after I try these attempts.

We loaded back in 16 feb 8:20 pm at 12:01 am her watch did not roll over to 17 feb we did not save when we entered the game. I’m starting to think that saving is having a effect on if the watches stay in sync or not and this could be a big reason why we are loosing items when playing together if our dates are not matched properly in the game. Now I could be wrong and it may not be related at all but it’s a good start because we don’t seem to be having problems when we are in sync.

We were able to test one more thing because she had to get off the game for a bit but after the load in where we waited for the time to roll over at midnight she remained on 16 feb when I went to 17 feb at 00:01 then we waited the day out without doing anything her watch never changed date at all during the day on 17 feb she remained at 16 feb when midnight hit the next time I went to 18 feb and she finally hit 17 feb. I saved the game at 00:15 and we slept and it did not catch her up so the only working way I’ve found so far to keep her in sync with me at this point is to make sure prior to midnight we save the game and then sleep. We will attempt more with the sleeping bag when she can get back on later.

So we played last night and checked our watches. They were at the same time, but different days. I (host) was 1 day ahead of my partner.

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Sigh…I lost a crate of potato from my shelves…and 8 potatoes fell through the ground.

No, they didn’t turn up again along any part of the shoreline.

It might be perishables, not just meat.

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Same, also experiencing the same watch sync issue as others.

@mmhb99 - Thank you for confirming that for me, I’ll add a note on this in my report for the team.

@General - Thank you for letting me know, I will also include this information in my report.

@GlobalGload05 - Thank you for that detailed account of your desync. I’ve made a note of this in the report on watch desyncs as well as I believe there is important information in this.

I’ve separated out the issue with the crates moving to another post as I believe it to be a different issue as it appears to occur in single player and crates move rather than disappear.

Just had the same thing happen to me. potatoes disappeared. We were very careful and made sure our watches were syncing correctly. Reloaded if they didn’t.

It was 4 potatoes.

SEED #96245443

I’ve tried loading in solo, with partner. Nothing brings them back. They are not in middle of island.

They vanish after reloading.

Have to reload because her watch isn’t changing days.

Only way to keep potatoes is plant them immediately.

I gotta add something here. I deleted all previous data. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled.

No custom map. Version 2074

Hi SmokedLargeMeat,

Thank you for providing those details about your experience and the gameplay setup when it occured. Can you confirm for me if your potatoes were in a crate, on the ground or stored in some other way?

[Edit: also, I must apologise for my delay in responding this this post, it had escaped me]