[PS4][2074][Birds/bats Collision]

I can’t have nice things :laughing: Birds and bats collide with furniture. They fly through built structure (walls,floors,etc.) but will make your place look like the feds raided it!
Occurs with random flight pathing in line with structure/furniture height
Seed# 10642098
Default settings
On a custom island (only 1 custom island on map)


Hi JusStranded,

Thanks for reporting this. I’m sorry to hear your place was raided by bats and gulls (they really have no respect for their island neighbours). I had a report on this from an earlier version and I’ll update it to let the team know it’s still occurring in the current version.

Hi, it is actually not only the bats/seagulls ransacking the place. They are constantly making a mess of my crates inside the house. But actually all animals can simply glitch through any structure.

  • I had sharks attack me inside the big cargo ship wrecks - pulling me through the walls of the ship :frowning:
  • I had sharks swim through the sand on the beach - reminds me of the movie “Sand Sharks” :smiley:
  • I had hogs run through the foundation of my house/perimeter attacking me standing in the house/foundation

So basically it seems that animals can collide with anything “small” like crates and materials that you drop but just glitch through built structures or even existing structures like the beach or the ship wrecks.

It would be great, if they would not be able to do that. After all I build a house to be safe from the “dangers” outside. At the moment those structures do not protect me nor my loot from those dangers (I also count messing up my order as danger :slight_smile: )

Please also have a look at this.

PS: these issues were observed in version/build [2074] on [PS4]. Due to the save/crash bug and the fact that I cannot return to my island at the moment I cannot check if this still also happens with build [2078].

Hi fox-spooky-mulder0,

Thank you for sharing your experience of this issue. I have reports for the sharks submitted to the team and separate issues and will submit another one for your experience with the boar as it is a different animal type.

Can you confirm if you saw sharks swimming through land in version 2074? it was my understanding a fix was issued for this but the fix for clipping through ships was the one that didn’t take for some players. I want to make sure I’m understanding the details of your report correctly before passing them onto the team.

Hi Clare,

yes, I can confirm that all those incidents happened in version 2074. I have uploaded some short videos showing the issues to my OneDrive (will PM you the link).


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Thank you so much! I’ll be going through them as soon as I get the chance and will add them each to their matching reports for the team. I really appreciate you sharing those clips with me (and your save file from the other thread) thank you again!