[Ps4]2073[interactionbug]need info about version

Hello ! i would like to know if i have the latest version of the game on ps4 because :
yesterday , my game was in version 1.08, and today the game is in version 1.09.

on the main menu, i see the number : “2073” i think it s a number of the version .

yesterday when the game uptade ,i was hoping the new version fix the interaction bug…

but i have the bug again .

so i hope my version is not the latest version because if it is ,my game is break again :sob:

thanks for your answers .

Hi Djhaywolf,

2073 is the latest version. Some players reported the issue returning for them in pre-existing saves that were affected by the issue. In this case players found that resetting the wildlife via the main menu by switching it to “removed” loading, saving the game and then returning to make main to turn it back on has helped them continue in game. This should set the respawn cycle for creatures that may have already fallen through the ground.

If you find the issue presists after trying this, please let me know.

Ok thanks you , i will try :slightly_smiling_face: