[PS4][2071] Sharks and Eels spawn inside Wrecks

New issue on save with the interaction bug. Sharks now swim/spawn inside wrecks. Also, sea snakes now spawn inside also. Total of 71 game days across two save slots and this is the first time I have seen these occurring. Playing on PS4

Hi JusStranded,

I moved your post to a new topic because it was different to what the original poster mentioned.

Have you noticed if the sharks or eels can pass through the wrecks at all? I know this was an issue with the last version but I would be interested to know if they’re stuck in there or if the issue of them swiming through ships is persisting in this version.

Sharks pass through but the eels do not.

I’ve seen this, sea snakes and lionfish spawn stuck in the wreck, and their movements are extremely shaky. Sharks also pass through boats no problem to attack players

Thanks to both of you for that info :slight_smile: I’ll let the team know.