PS4 (2071) Co-op Management - Inventory and Toolbelt Loss

Hello. Yesterday whilst playing co-op with a friend (I’m the host) he ended up disconnecting due to an error. I saved the game and left it. I had a semi-full Inventory. When we came back, I found out that I had no Inventory, I had lost everything with the exception of my Refined Knife. This was very weird not only because of the loss of inventory, but because I lost my toolbelt upgrades (the first two) as well and I had that same knife on one of those slots. Either way, I ended up without a lot of my items. Some important things: all my other items and rafts were okay, and also my skills. Everything else was the same, except for my Inventory.

The seed is #13168374

All settings were default.

If you want to replicate it, try hosting a game, having a friend disconnect, saving the game, leaving and then coming back in to check your inventory.

I tried reloading the game several times, did nothing. The main problem are the toolbelt upgrades, which I can’t get back even if I have the materials to do them again.

All in all, it looks like it’s the first time on the Island (I receive notifications for grabbing fibrous leaves, like my first time doing it). This issue is really breaking the game since me and my friend were having a lot of fun surviving together, and with this we are at a big disadvantage. I really hope it gets fixed somehow :frowning:

Thank you for you time!

Hi Gongas435,

I’m sorry to hear this issue has affected your save. Thank you for reporting this issue to us, another player reported a similar issue except they were the joined player so I’ll update my report to let the team know it can occur for the host too.

Please let me know:

  • Other than the refined knife, what other tools or items were on your tool belt when this occured?
  • You mention notifications for grabbing fibrous leaves, do you mean the tutorial for the game replays from the start also?
  • Has your friend rejoined since this issue occured? Has their inventory been affected at all and did they have a toolbelt too?

If I remember correctly I had my Coconut Flask, Fibrous Leaves (like 18), a Refined Hammer and Scrap.

The tutorial doesn’t start, but I receive those notifications like it is my first time grabbing fibrous leaves, when I had gathered a lot earlier.

In regards to my friend, we came back together and his inventory was intact. Everything else was intact really, apart from my inventory and toolbelt.

As I said, the main problem is the toolbelt, you know? I can gather more fibrous leaves and craft lashing + cloth to do them again. Apart from this issue, if I wasn’t locked out of the upgrades (the game assumes I have them even though I don’t) I could get back on track. But the main problem is the loss, maybe because of a save sync problem?

Either way, I hope this helps. I can give more feedback if you want, thank you for answering!

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Thanks for those extra details Gongas435. The other player that reported the same issue also mentioned being blocked from creating a new toolbelt, but could eventually craft toolbelt level 3 - though this acted as toolbelt level 1 giving them only one slot.

I agree that this is the main part of this issue is the impact it has on the tool belt and I will be sure to reflect this in my report for the team when adding these details.

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