PS4(2071) Animals behaviour doesn't change

When changed the animal behaviour from “default” to “passive” (or even to removed) they still attack just like in “default” mode.

Tried each animal behaviour separately (saved settings after each change), but acts like default.

Very annoying is also in current version the “automatic” messages your storage is full when you walk by any item or point to crate etc.

I had a similar issue after the interaction bug kicked in, but the other way around. All wildlife is stuck on passive for me, even when I reload.

I had this happen too. Was swimming from island to island testing glitch without fear. Then a big crab got me…then the hog. I was like WTF. Checked settings and they were supposed to be passive. Heh to test this I went swimming with the sharks…

I died. LOL


Hi sodtom,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Can you confirm for me if this is in Single Player or Multiplayer? And if you changed the options in the main menu or the options in the pause menu?

@DemonStar89 and @DanBurke420 - same questions if you don’t mind! :slight_smile:

[Edited for clarity]

Single player for me.

And I believe I tried it both ways. But can’t remember to be honest.

Thanks DanBurke420, and no worries, the team will try replicating it both ways but just wanted to make a note of it if you could recall :+1:


I was playing single mode and I had the config originally on default and changed this to passive first during the play (not exiting the game) and as this did not work, tried change this setting before and after a save operation - no differ.

Then I exited to main menu and changed the config and loaded the game (last save point) again, but still same. So, I’m quite sure I tried both way.

However I haven’t try this since e.g. by starting the whole game.



did some additional testing …


  1. Started the game (single mode)

  2. Options: passive is active, no change

  3. Play + Continue
    ==> No sharks attacking

  4. Options: change passive ==> default

  5. Resume
    ==> Still no sharks attacking

  6. Exit to Main Menu

  7. Options: change default ==> passive ==> default

  8. Play + Continue
    ==> Shark attacks, go back to land

  9. Options: change default ==> passive

  10. Resume
    ==> Sharks still attacks

  11. Exit to Main Menu

  12. No changes to options (passive is active)

  13. Play + Continue
    ==> No attacks

When quitting the game ==> CE-34878-0 Blue screen Error


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I am in the process of trying to drift my raft off to a non-cliff island to see if the interaction bug stops. (Turns out it does not fix it).

My save game has me waking up just before 6am. I have about 10-15 seconds before the interaction bug kicks in (single player game).

It seems wildlife setting that I apply while in the main menu apply, but cannot be changed in-game until I quit out and change them from the main menu.

Just now I loaded a game in with default wildlife, and changed it to passive, but giant crabs and hogs attack me. I cannot hit them as the bug persists.

Now I am out in the main menu again, will try loading in with wildlife removed. Seems no large hog or giant crabs have spawned. Changed back to default and bug persists.

Seems I have until 6:09 to interact with things and change settings. I just tried loading in and I was able to change wildlife from default to passive if I did it fast enough. Bug starts at the same time every time I load.

I hope this is useful!

Also wondering about seeds. I replied to my other thread as I’m a bit thick when it comes to that stuff. If you can tell me how to get the information you requested I will try to help.

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Thanks @sodtom and @DemonStar89 for those details and steps you’ve tried to change your settings, I’ll pass these onto the team so they can go through them in testing.

I should note that removing wildlife and switching them back on should restart their spawn cycle. Are you finding the animals have returned immediately if they’re turned off and back ok again? I’ll need to check with the team if this was changed intentionally but I remember creatures taking a while to spawn back in in previous versions…

Yes, when went back to the Main Menu it took some time (5 mins?) before shark really appeared. After each change I spent about 10-15 min in the water.and went quite far from home island too - tried to maximize the possibility to become attacked.

Thank you for letting me know sodtom, I shall make a note of this too.