[PS4][2033] [Trophies] Unobtainable Trophies

There are two trophies that have been unobtainable for me since the beginning of version 2009.

*Two of each

Even though online sources do not make it clear specifically which animals you need on your raft at one time, I have tested it with all of them and after at least 10 different tries sailing out into a storm with all these animals on my raft the trophy will not pop.

*Who needs the sea anyway?

Even before the PS4 version had a yucca fruit available to plant, the trophy did not pop with all 7 crops. And even now after the latest patch having 8 total crops planted at once, it will still not unlock the trophy. I have tried on different islands with fresh planters and I’ve harvested everything multiple times.

If you could provide some insight on what the heck I’m doing wrong that would be great lol


Hi Switchellmoob,

Thank you for reporting this - the issue with these two trophies unlocking after the 2009 update is one the team are aware of and are investigating.

Two of Each
For this Trophy you need 2 boars, 2 hogs, 2 snakes, and 2 small crabs with you on the raft before sailing into a storm. They need to be close to you, so if you have a large raft make sure they’re nearby. Keeping crabs in your inventory might work, but it’s better if they’re on the raft.

From other players reporting this, a potential workaround for this issue is to sail from one island to another with the collection of animals listed above, but under clear skies instead of a storm. A number of players that have tried this have reported the trophy unlocks for them this way.

Who Needs the Sea Anyway?
This trophy unfortunately does not have the as clear a workaround. Players that were successful in unlocking this trophy mentioned that they continued harvesting - yucca in particular was mentioned, and that the trophy eventually popped. However we know that players, like yourself, have done so and not experienced the trophy unlocking even after multiple harvests.

Please let me know:

  • What are your farming plots made of, and have you tried different types?
  • When harvesting Yucca, are you harvesting leaves and fruit each time?
  • Have you tried letting the water of each plot run out and then filling it to the top again?
  • When harvesting, have you harvested each plot at once so all plots are starting again together?
  • Are each of the plots beside each other or spread out?
  • Have you planted 8 plots in succession or have you planted them over time?

Any extra info on what you may have tried when continuing to harvest is greatly appreciated as it may help us to narrow down a potential workaround and where the issue may be coming from.