[Ps4][2033][saving slow causes blue screen]

Which Platform are you in (PC,PS4,XB1) and the game version can be found on the main menu in the lower left hand corner.

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[Ps4][2033][Game Crashing alot] game seems to crash when I have too many storage boxes loose or supplies in the water. Guess I build too much

Game freezes on saves. Sometimes blue screening

I’ve built a massive structure and I have loads of containers and my game works just fine.

Hi Dank-a-licous, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue with crashing in your save.

Please let me know:

  • If you have cleared everything on the island, do you have a lot of loose items still piled on the island, or have they now all been moved to your crates?
  • Did you clear this entire island in a single session or has it been over a few gameplay sessions?
  • Is this a game generated island or one you created yourself?
  • You mentioned your raft having a large number of crates, how many do you have?
  • When saving, are you using a sleeping bag or a shelter?
  • When saving is whatever item you’re using to save near anything such as piles or items, on your raft, beside your raft etc?
  • Do you experience any lag on the island itself or is it only occurring when saving?

Please also let me know if you have tried anything to workaround this crash. Thank you

Thanks Clare. The island has been completely stripped in one session 95% of the items are in cargo boxes on my boat. I attached a video. Watch the hat. It has to be the boat I’m guessing. It’s not even full

If u watch the video the rain is also not covering full screen in 3rd person.

Pictures of largest structure?

It’s a custom island. But every island I go to even if the boat is empty it still has trouble saving. I cant destroy any of the base to make it smaller so… damn

Hi Dank-a-licious

Thanks for sharing that video and confirming those details. That is an impressive sized raft! It’s possible it could be one of the main contributors to saving lag. In the past I remember players having slower save times after crafting a large number of items. I’m not sure if clearing the island in one session would have the same effect, but it is possible.

The more loose items that are piled together on an island, the higher the lag can spike. I’ve seen a few reports lately that even after players reduce items to crates they still experience lag on the same island. It may be worth trying to leave the island and sail to a new one and save there, this will unload the island you’re on and might help. Make sure to wait a few minutes when you arrive to ensure the game has caught up with your raft size before saving as there’s an issue that can cause rafts to vanish - [Known Issue] Rafts/Gyro Vanishing

If you manage to get to another island and save, it may be worth clearing the cache of the console too to see if that helps (shutting down and unplugging for 2 minutes before rebooting).

Or, before stripping an island, try breaking down island bits and storing them rather than gathering in piles and then storing if you didn’t use that method before. It may also be worth trying to do the island in chunks rather than all at once.

As you’re on PS4, it is possible to make a backup of your save externally and you may wish to do this so you can revert to an older save if need be.

Thank you for also highlighting the rain not covering the screen in third person, I’ll pass this onto the team too.

Thanks, another thing that I feel would make the game save with reduced stress is if the game stayed paused while saving. That way the game animations would be frozen and be able to utilize everything towards saving properly.

Thanks for that suggestion and feedback Dank-a-licous, I’ll pass it onto the team :slight_smile:

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When I’m done with my build I’ll be posting a video. That’s if I dont break the game first :dizzy_face:

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I am so sick of this game crashing. I am still getting crashes while I’m trying to save. I go to an island and put a shelter down and try to save and it is crashing. The animations from water to the clouds, sunset etc. Are still trying to run while saving. This seems to cause a large amount of the issues while saving. This is a huge issue for me and I’m about to find a new game if this isn’t fixed soon. I know you have a smaller team but something like this should be a top priority for immediate fixing. Just make it so the game is paused while saving… boom easy fix

Hi Dank-a-licous,

I appreciate and understand your frustration. Unfortunately I don’t have any other workarounds or suggestions to offer while the team continue to work on this. If I find anything else that might help, I’ll let you know and in the meantime will pass your feedback onto the team.

@Clare Thanks for your in depth responses and concern. I look forward to seeing (at some point) an update for stranded deep. I am pretty hooked on the game and will continue to play and report any new issues I may come across. I have started a new save slot and so far I’m not having any issues. I’m only on day 14 so we shall see what happens as I progress. Thanks again.

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Thank you for reporting the issues you find and your understanding! Fingers crossed for your new save slot but of course as always let me know if you spot anything at all and I’ll be sure to send it onto the team :slight_smile:

Here is another video of me trying to save on a new island.

Thank you for this video I shall add it to my report