[PS4][2033] Raft vanishing

So I made an account just to write this comment. I’m playing on the PS4, version 2033 and I just had the raft Houdini glitch after landing near an island (Peaceful ancient sanctuary) and saving immediately, then backing out to check the cartographer and reloading the save. I lost nearly 30 crates with a bunch of loot which is very irritating. From my research on this website’s forums and others it seems to be the cartographer because I’ve done the rapid save, backout and reload many times before. Hope this helps the dev team.
Any players that find this and haven’t experienced this glitch yet, or have and decided to continue playing don’t build build huge rafts with crates and don’t deforest any islands. Such a bummer…

Back with an update after testing, it seems the raft disappearing happens every time you save, main menu, cartographer, reload save. However instead of going to the main menu just closing the application and reloading cartographer then your save file the raft is safe. I’ve done this 10x with consistent results. Hope this helps anybody out there.

Hi Blankakong, welcome to the forums.

I’ve moved your post out of another’s bug report to prevent confusion if they respond to my post there.

I’m sorry to hear so much was lost when your raft vanished. Thank you for taking the time to share the details or your experience and for sharing the update where you tested checking the cartographer and what method you would consider safe for the raft. Some of this matches up with other reports and the details in the post [Known Issue] Rafts/Gyro Vanishing which I believe you’ve already seen and I will add a link to your comment too.

I will also add these details to my report for the team as it may help to narrow down the cause.