[ps4][2033][problems with build placement]

I’ll let the video explain it. I’m hitting the x button fast to try to catch it when it turns white.

Hi Dank-a-licous, thank you for that video.

Difficulty placing items is one the team are aware of and often there is an environmental object that can prevent it. What occurred in your video could be due to the collision detection between the smoker and the cliff - While I would need to check with the team, I believe most of the detection boxes around items would be cubes. It’s difficult for me to see in the video, but if there’s anything overlapping into that space then it may prevent the smoker from being placed.

I’ve seen a similar issue with players placing foundation pieces on beaches where a rock can prevent a foundation piece being placed. If I’m misunderstanding however, please feel free to correct me.

I have problems with the foundation pieces also. It is around rocks usually.

Thanks for letting me know - I have also heard players mention fish causing issues so if you wish to build foundation pieces into the shallows etc you may need to wait to some to swim away (or hunt them) in order to place a piece.

I also have issues with stairs. U cant attach a floor piece unless u build a wall to attach to. It’s an issue with all pieces stairs and floors.

Thanks for that info, I’ll pass it onto the team for them to look into.