(Ps4)(2033)(Map Generation)island components meshing on larger islands

Small islands generate no problem. Occasionally, a young palm tree will generate inside a bush or large rock with only it’s leaves hanging out. However, on larger islands, especially ones with cliffs, yucca, palm, and pine trees will mesh inside the cliffs.

I’m still able to interact with them so long as a portion of their hitbox is exposed. Also still able to gather the resources from them so long as the they dont glitch inside the map.

Happens on every seed. Reloading and settings have no effect on correcting this.

Other than this, I love Stranded Deep. It’s a fantastic game. I’m looking forward to any future updates.

Hi Chaos,

Thank you for reporting this issue and for sharing that image. I remember seeing reports of this before from players so the team should be aware of this issue. I’ll pass the details of your experience onto the team and include the image you sent which is very useful to see the extent of the overlap on the yucca. Was the palm tree beside it also overlapped?

If I recall correctly, a player reported that climbing a palm tree that was clipping through a cliff can cause the player to get stuck, so while harvesting palm trees around overlaps, please be careful this doesn’t happen to your character.

Edit: I should’ve checked before replying - It’s been a while since I’ve seen this issue mentioned but I did create a “Known Issues” report for it - [Known Issue] Resources spawning inside the environment - I’ve added your details to the teams report too :+1:

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Yes. The palm tree beside it protruded through the cliff. Behind my character to the left is a young palm sapling inside a small boulder.

Here is a palm tree almost completely meshed with the cliff. Only the portion of the trunk that is left when a palm is cut is visible at ground level. I cannot interact with it.

I will go have a look at it. Thank you for the feedback. Tell the team we are all anxious for the next update!

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Thank you for confirming Chaos, and for including the image of the palm - I’ll add that to the report too!