[PS4][2033][Gameplay] Can't EDIT custom islands

When trying to edit a custom islands, the LOCK no longer works, so it’s always starting from scratch.

For example when editing my custom islands, I will lock the cliffs I added because I don’t want them changed. I click apply to add or change any other rocks yet EVERY single thing in rocks changes, including locked items that I wanted to keep.

There is also a similar issues keeping the SHAPE of the island as well.

Trying to change the terrain height but keep the island shape as it was exactly what I wanted. Clearing the change shape check and trying to lower the terrain height also changes the shape of the island in error.

These functions seem to work fine as long as it’s the initial creation of the island. Attempting to edit these islands later you cannot use the same shape nor can you lock trees, rocks, etc. that you have previously added as they will always disappear regardless of being locked.

This happens regardless of seeded world.

Hi Jmal,

Thank you for reporting this issue and for including a the detailed examples of when you have seen this occur. I have submited a report to the team based on this info.

I also want to thank you for using the title format and seperating both issues you reported recently into indivial posts. I greatly appreciate you doing so.

Are you sure Jmal, I experienced the same however I could re-lock the assets on the map I wanted to be locked.

What basically happens is that your lock settings will be reset on the custom map the moment you leave the map editor. If you do not know it at first hand it might be a big dissappointment when you edit your custom map later on without applying the lock settings again.

I’m ABSOLUTELY sure, I’ve tried all manner of work around nothing works.

I remove all the locks after starting replace them… the items change

I go to a section I don’t really care about like animals, change that and come back to rocks or trees, again toggling the lock… the items change

I try waiting a few minutes and unlock and lock again… the items change.

Nothing I do keeps rocks or trees as they load in from the edit option.

Not sure if you’re on the PS4 but I can’t find any work around.

I am a PS4 player. For me just re-applying the locks everytime I want to change a thing does the trick. Though it would be nice if it will be stored in the custom map memory…

In my opinion, leave the editor alone for what it is at this moment. I hope they uplift the console editor. Solely if you need resources because if you compare it for example to the PC edition. You will become sad, with the PC edition you can really make art.

Ok, to be clear… you are saying you can turn off your console, turn it back on the next day, go into a map you created yesterday, click square to edit the map, and then just lock items first and clicking apply does not change them?

If that’s the case I’d really love to see a YouTube video of you doing that, as that is absolutely NOT how it’s working for me, strange. I’ll probably upload a video myself.