[Ps4][2033][game freezes on you died screen]

Noticed the game freezes upon death. It say PRESS x to continue but nothing happens. This usually happens when falling from higher levels to death.

Hi Dank-a-licous, thank you for reporting this - I’ll inform the team of this issue.

If you start to notice anything in common with the deaths when this occurs, other than the dropping from a height, please let me know.

Thanks again!

Edit: Followup question, could you let me know if any of your option settings are different from the default?

Just on passive mode

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That’s great, thank you, I’ll let the team know.

[Ps4][2033] Ok I tested it. Everytime I die from falling from heights my game stops working at the you died screen. It says PRESS X to continue and nothing happens. I have to restart game

Thank you for confirming under what conditions this occurs for you Dank-a-licous - I’ll update my report for the team with this information immediately.

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