[Ps4] [2033] [Bug] Encountered aggressive Black Tip Reef Shark

So I was swimming around my “base” island looking for lionfish and the music started playing indicating there was a shark near by, I was still around my reef bed and had a black tip reef shark swim past, thought nothing of him as they have not attacked me before now. Well I had seen a lionfish and started towards him and the reef shark came up and attacked. I saw in another thread from January that this was a bug so wasn’t sure if it has been fixed yet. If someone could let me know more that would be much appreciated.

SEED - 20726368

Hi crazysniper968 - Welcome to the forums!

Thank you for reporting your experience of this issue. I shall add these details to my report for the team. While the bug does still exist, I appreciate you creating a new thread to share your details considering a age of the other thread.

As you observed, it seems this issue doesn’t occur with all Black Tip Reef Sharks. Please let me know if you experience this issue again in your save.