[Ps4][2033][boats&sound glitches]

Watch this. Turn volume down please its loud when it happens.

Hi Dank-a-licous

Thanks for the sound warning, that was indeed pretty loud!

From what I can tell it’s like all the sound effects of the water catches up after a chunk of lag and seems to play altogether. Does that sound accurate based on the actions you took? Do you always experience that kind of lag when putting the raft in the water in this save?

Sometimes. It was definitely the loudest one. I’ll post more stuff as it happens. I’m a magnet for glitches, not purposely. I’ve had issues with the boats many times. I’ll try to get a video

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Thank you, I’ll keep an eye on this post for any further updates

Thank you for those videos Dank-a-licous, I don’t have time to go through them right now but will do so as soon as I can and pass them onto the team. If there’s anything in particular in them you’d like me to pay extra attention to, please let me know and I’ll also highlight those points for the team :slight_smile:

Watch what the screen is doing while I am on my boat while its moving. If the sail is deployed and you are not on the rudder the screen and boat studder/skip along. Could be just a camera malfunction. Not sure exactly

Thanks for that description Dank-a-licous - I’ve added it to my report for the team and linked them to the videos above.

I got a chance to watch them this morning (sorry yesterday just got away from me!) and I think you’re right, it looks like the camera is having issues with the mast of your sail and can decide what side it wants to be on as it seems to happen mostly when it’s between your character and the camera. I’m not a dev though! So I’ll leave it up to the team to make a full anaylsis :smiley: