[PS4][2009][Sails] Sails have no brakes now

Upon placing a new Sail on my existing raft to try and give it some navigational ability, the raft will decide it doesn’t exactly like that decision, and will pretty much just yeet itself in whatever direction the sail faces.

I’ve tried attaching it both in the water (with a deployed anchor already affixed to the raft), and on land, with the same results. The moment it hit deeper water, the whole raft would nosedive.

Haven’t gotten a new raft built yet to try and bypass the need for a sail, as I’d been using just a motor and anchor on my raft until the update last month, after which the motor stopped working correctly (though I’ve found a possible solution to that in another person’s post that I’ll try once I’ve built a new raft).

Hi Shokujin,

Thank you got reporting this issue and providing details of your experience.

Would you mind describing or showing me a screenshot of your raft? That way I can pass it onto the team as they may want to test your exact setup.

I know there’s an issue with rafts sinking if a light hook is placed on it when the anchor is down, so it could be something about the configuration that’s contributing to the issue too.

Let me know if you try build a second raft. Building a second one for the raft motor is confirmed to have worked for a large number of players so it may work for this too.

My raft is a bit large, so I’ll have to try my best to describe it.

From the setup I had prior to adding the sail, I had an anchor and motor next to each other, one base to the right of the anchor as a hunting platform, two bases to the left of the motor for the same purpose, then a solid line of 5 bases in front of that with floors, a 3-section wide space after that with no floors (for transporting non-storable items), one floor panel on either side of the transport space to keep things from sliding off in bad weather, plus an additional access base for shark hunting on either side of the raft, totaling that row to 7 bases. The front of the raft is another set of 5 bases with floors, followed by 3 more hunting platforms at the very front to counterbalance the back.

For accessories, I had tested the weight for container shelves and the light hook, none of which had any issues for me, aside from the hook being just for looks right now. I’ve got two shelves at the back near the motor and anchor, and two towards the front.

I added canopies for shade, as I go for long trips to hunt sharks occasionally.

The only time I had an issue was when I added the sail to the mix, as the motor didn’t seem to function. The raft would act like I had the sail deployed with no anchor active, the very second I placed the sail, which is the main issue I was having. The nosedive could be from hitting an obstacle, as I was still in the sections with rocks and reefs in the water when it happened.

Thank you for that detailed description Shokujin I really appreciate it.

There is an issue with colliders for coral and other shore elements at the moment too so it could be that but I’ll pass this information onto the team anyway and if it happens again for you, please do let me know.

Also, wow, that raft sounds super impressive!

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Finally got started on my new raft (planning to make it the same design as the original).

The sail addition had no issues, unlike with the original pre-update raft I had been using. Going to keep the original raft base for when the base can be broken down for parts later on.

Hoping to land some sharks in the near future, now that I’ve got a properly functioning raft again.

I’m glad to hear you’ve had no issues so far. I’ll let the team know, this should help narrow down where is issue is occurring in updated raft as opposed to the new one. Thank you and happy sailing!

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