[PS4][2009] Possible problem with menus

Ever since the latest ps4 upgrade, the menus have been really dark. I can’t see anything such as building menus because it’s too dark. Is anyone else having this issue?

Can you tell me how to fix it?

Hi Jest,

Welcome to the forums! - I edited the title of your post and moved it to the main bug reports section as it was in suggestions.

This is an issue the team are aware of and are working on. It is related to the HDR settings from the previous update. While I know it’s not an ideal workaround, you should be able to revert the colours back to normal by turning HDR off on both your PS4 and your display.

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Thank you. That worked actually. I haven’t seen the menu in weeks!

Much appreciated.

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Same problem here. PS4 PRO. Disabling hdr works but the game looks really bad like you playing on ps3. Using hdr on PS4 pro is making all menus unusable too hard to see anything.