[PS4][2009]Poor Graphic quality

Hi Guys,

I really enjoy playing this game, it has great potential and definitely needs to be extended.

I’m using ps4pro with 4k TV. My problem is in crafting menu when I press inspect the required materials and amount is not clearly visible!

Also in inventory menu my hand looks reddish.

uploaded the screenshots.

I don’t understand how to fix this, so any help is appreciated.



Hi CanAleksandr - Welcome to the forums!

I moved your post to the Bug Reports section as it was in Suggestions and added info to the title for clear reference.

Thank you for reporting this issue and providing that screenshot. From this information I can tell that this is an issue the team are aware of that is occurring with the HDR settings. While the team are working to resolve this issue, the menus should return to normal if you turn HDR off on both your Console and your TV.

I understand turning these settings off is not ideal, but I hope that it may help in the meantime while the team work to release a fix for this.

Same problem here. PS4 PRO. HDR looks horrible.